What is the FAQ Site?

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Our hope is to answer as many questions as we can and give you the best information we can find to your “How Do I” or “What is” or “What’s the best”, etc.

How Do I…. Ask away and get answers from our team?

Yes, we are aware Wikipedia and awesome sites like Quora are out there. But our focus is on providing answers to the most commonly asked questions from our fans!

While we may not know the answer to everything, we can certainly take the time to find out the answers. Our passion is discovery of information and we enjoy helping people in that way.

We hope in the process of serving you in this way, we also learn more about this world, what’s out there, and the beauty of information.

We understand not all the information we provide will be perfect. In fact, we recognize it’s likely we will need to constantly be editing the information we provide. At times we may even need to be corrected. Information and knowledge is vast and on top of that, there will always be different perspective and angles.

We aim to stay a neutral stance and just provide the best possible information we can find. If needed, at times, we may provide our own thoughts and opinions as well.

If you have a question you don’t know the answer to, feel free to contact us and we will certainly consider finding answers to your question! Feel ask away, “How Do I…”

Thank you! – The FAQ Site Team

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