The Best Snack Box Monthly Subscriptions to Try

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What do you get when you bring snacks and subscription together? An incredible Snack Box Monthly Subscription you may not be able to wait for the next month’s!

Sure, they can make great gifts for loved ones, but it also wouldn’t hurt to indulge on one for yourself!

So how do we rate a snack box subscription?

  1. Value / Price – For the price you’re paying, do you get a good volume of quality snacks (i.e. NOT a bunch of cheap cookies).
  2. Quality of Snacks – Going off of the value of the subscription, are the snacks good quality snacks that you may not so easily get from the Dollar store? Are they snacks you can enjoy without feeling too guilty afterwards? We’re semi-health conscious here!
  3. Service – How does the snack box subscription handle customer service inquiries and issues? Are they able to service custom requests (e.g. Non-gluten, low-calorie, etc.)

Those qualities are what we look for in a snack box subscription!

And without further adieu, here are some of the best snack box subscriptions we could find!

Joyful Snack Box

One of our favorite monthly snack box subscriptions is Joyful Snack Box! The reason why we love it is because every month they send 12-14 Types of Snacks and each package is large enough to be shared!

That’s a ton of snacks to get each month! The best part, though, is every box is hand-picked and curated so no two box is ever the same. That means over the course of time, you’re bound to try a lot of snacks you would’ve never tried before.

Joyful Snack Box is also a health-conscious box, which rates high on our quality of snacks rating. Most of the snacks are relatively healthier snacks than you would fine in a standard snack box.

Lastly, the customer service is excellent as they’re able to cater to specific needs (like if you wanted just gluten-free snacks).

This is definitely our first pick for a snack box subscription!

Snack Box Monthly Subscription:

Snack Crate

Snack Crate gives you snacks from all around the world!

To date, they’ve shipped over 3 million boxes and they start at just $9.99! It’s definitely a must-try if you’ve always been curious what kind of snacks people enjoy from all over the world.

The only con with Snack Crate is the snacks aren’t very health conscious as their focus is just on the variety of international treats they have.

Snack Box Monthly Subscription: Munch Pak

Munch Pak is another awesome snack box subscription that also ships out yummy treats from all over the world.

Though these boxes aren’t huge, they start at just $9.95 a month (for 5 snacks, with a 1 year subscription). It’s $20-24 for 10 snacks and $40-44 for 20 snacks.

What’s great about Munch Pak is their past and individual boxes can also be found on Amazon. That way you can order exactly what you like.

The only con with Munch Pak is the snacks also aren’t very health conscious as their focus is just on the variety of international treats they have.

These also make great snack box delivery gifts for a special loved one you may have. Or even a great Mother’s Day gift delivered!

What other snack box subscriptions have you tried that you’ve really liked? Comment below and let us know!

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