Top 10 Skincare Tips for Dry & Sensitive Skin

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If you have sensitive skin, you are probably used to experiencing itchiness and discomfort from makeup, improper skincare, or just the weather!  As such, if you’re looking for skincare tips for dry and sensitive skin, we’ve got you covered.  

Caring for your skin entails more than selecting random items from the drugstore shelf. The trick is to develop an effective skin routine that is customized to your specific needs.  

Here are our Top 10 Skincare Tips for Dry & Sensitive Skin

1. Read the Ingredients / Label Section

Read the Skincare labels!  If it’s product or food labels, chances are you don’t pay attention to them. However, if you have sensitive skin, you must carefully read  the ingredient list. Here is a short list of ingredients that people with sensitive skin tend to avoid:  

  • Alcohol
  • Fragrance
  • Essential Oils
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfates  
  • Harsh Exfoliants

2. Don’t Overuse Skin Care

Skincare should not be overused, this tip is especially important for those you looking for sensitive, oily skin care tips! We all want quick results, but going beyond the  instructions on your skincare products can do more harm than good. If you have sensitive skin, for example, don’t use face and body scrubs on a regular basis; instead, use them once  or twice a week. More than that can cause irritation, redness, and skin damage.  

3. Don’t Bother with Lather

Stay away from goods with excessive foam. When washing your face, too much lathering  may dry out your skin. What is the reasoning behind this? Detergents and other irritants are  commonly used to make foam, which strip the skin of natural oils. For the best results, use  skincare specially labeled for sensitive skin.  

4. Don’t Rub, Pat Instead

Gently dry your face with towels, not rubbing. To prevent irritation, use smooth cotton towels that  you can pat dry rather than rubbing.  

5. Limit Sun Exposure

Do not expose yourself to too much sunlight. Sun exposure can aggravate dry skin, which is already susceptible to sensitivity. If you have sensitive lips, try using lip balms with an SPF of 30 to shield yourself from UVA/UVB rays.  With using sunscreen daily, it’s also an anti aging skin care no one should miss!

6. Don’t Use Hot Water

Avoid using hot water when washing your face. Dry skin and flakiness can exaggerated by hot showers. Showering with lukewarm or cool water can protect the skin from excessive  inflammation.  

7. Pay Attention to Deodorant Ingredients Too! 

Use a deodorant with no scent or alcohol. Many commercial deodorants contain alcohol and aluminum, both of which may damage your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can use a deodorant that is alcohol-free and unscented.  Natural skincare product lines  usually carry a gentle, non-irritating deodorant that is worth checking out!

8. Hydrate From the Inside

Drink plenty of water! Water is important for digestion and proper blood circulation, but  it also contributes to the health and glow of your skin. Water aids in the removal of toxins  from the body and skin. Drinking enough water will help you refresh your skin and keep it  moisturised. Your skin becomes more susceptible to skin disorders and wrinkles as a result  of dehydration.  

9. Don’t Touch Your Face 

Try to not touch your skin too often. For the sake of your skin, it’s important to break the habit of touching your face since it can cause clogged pores and acne breakouts by transferring dirt, oil, and bacteria. Also, avoid popping pimples. When you pop a pimple, you’re exposing the pore to more bacteria from your hands and leave permanent scars! Instead, use tissues  to brush away dirt and sweat.  

10. Say No to Harsh Exfoliating Scrubs!

This is already a big no-no in a skincare routine for dry and oily skin! Use a chemical exfoliant instead to remove the dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants with AHAs  like glycolic acid and lactic acid, or BHAs like salicylic acid, are far more gentle than  scrubs. Chemical exfoliants are also effective in preventing and treating acne, increasing  collagen and elastin development, and reducing discoloration and age spots. 

What are some of your skincare tips for dry and sensitive skin? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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